Last week I was just having one of those days where I was feeling a little stir crazy in my office. So I got in my car to go get a change of scenery and of course, I end up at Target! I had been seeing some of the new Target home decor items online and wanted to go check them out in person. I am not lying when I say that I spent almost an hour just in the home section looking at everything (good thing this was a solo trip!). There are way too many good pieces not to share with you, so here’s a roundup of a few things that caught my eye!

Artwork: Framed artwork can get really pricey, but NOT at Target! This set is a steal and is the perfect pop of color for a contemporary space.

Chair: I’m usually not a huge fan of wing back chairs since they lean more on the traditional/transitional side, but I love that this one has modern lines giving it an updated look. I’d buy this for my house in a heartbeat!

Floor Lamp: This lamp has been around for a little while, and it’s just too good not to share! I am on the hunt for a black lamp to go in my family room and I think this one might just be it.

Throw Blanket: Nothing says Fall like a pretty plaid! I’m loving the mustard accents on this one because it can easily be combined with other colors so you can use it year round.

Vases: Vases are one of my go-to accessories for any space because they help add height, and are the perfect home for some greenery stems. If you’ve been around for a while you know I have a way of incorporating blue into any space, so obviously, this cute little blue vase is a MUST! Secondly, I am obsessing over this neutral grid patterned one! It comes in a few different sizes so you can really use it anywhere.

Side Table: Natural wood tones are a HUGE trend right now. They help warm up a space and give more of a layered feel. I am drawn to this particular table because of how beautiful the graining is! It has some lighter and darker tones within it which makes it easy to pair with other pieces.

Plant: This girl can’t keep a plant alive for the life of me, so I am allll about the faux plants. Target has really stepped up their game in this department and is now offering a wider selection. Of course, I am loving this one because I think every room could use a little pop of brass!

Now it’s your turn! Which target home decor items are your favorite? Comment below and let me know. I look forward to seeing which ones you guys like!!

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