You just bought a new home, or signed the lease for a new apartment! You hit up Pinterest and start pinning away different ideas on how to furnish and decorate your new place. During the process of making moving plans and shopping for the comfiest sofa you can find, there’s one thing that can be easily overlooked. It’s the step that can save you hundreds of dollars and a huge headache on moving day. Furniture Floor Plans!

My good friends Rob and Amanda recently moved into a new apartment. The weeks leading up to their moving day they were out shopping for furniture to fill their new place with. They loved the idea of getting a sectional sofa for lots of Netflix watching and seating for guests. They sent me a picture of the one they had in mind, and the designer in me just had a feeling  that it wouldn’t fit in their new living room 🙁 That’s the one downside of moving into a new apartment, you may not be able to get in and see that actual space to take measurements and make sure your furniture will fit comfortably.

Luckily, most apartments buildings these days have floor plans available on their websites with basic measurements of each unit. So I got to work drafting up a furniture layout with the floor plan provided for Rob and Amanda’s future apartment. I started by putting in the sectional sofa they were planning on purchasing.

The length of the sofa fills the right wall really well, but there isn’t very much room between the sofa and the tv console to get to the deck door. The ideal placement for for the sofa is centered on the wall, but it limits the possibilities of what could be done with the space by the window since the sofa sections off the entire room.

After seeing the sectional placed in the room, we all came to the consensus that the sectional layout wasn’t going to be the best option for them. But don’t worry! I came up with 2 different floor plan options for them that could work!


Option 1

In this option I incorporated a chaise sofa to give the “sectional” feel that Rob and Amanda were going for. I then placed a chair in the corner to add additional seating and create a conversation zone. This layout allows the ability to add end tables and a coffee table so that every one has somewhere to set their drink during movie night. You can see that this is a much better use of the space; it allows room for traffic flow and doesn’t leave any awkward empty areas of space.


Option 2

In option 2 I paired a 3 seater sofa with a chair in case they decided not to get a chaise sofa. There is lots of room for side tables in each corner of the seating area, and plenty of space in the room for their dog Sheldon to run around 😉

So what option did they choose?!

A combination of both! Option 1 with a 3 seater sofa. The room feels so spacious! There’s plenty of room for entertaining and they still have flexibility to add additional end tables and other furniture as they continue to get settled into their new home. And the best part of all…they were able to save OVER $500 on furniture just by being able to see a furniture plan!!!


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I’d love to do the same for you! If you’re moving into a new home or planning on buying new furniture soon, let’s get working on a furniture plan for you!


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