Hi There!

I’m Taylor, a virtual interior designer located in Charlotte, NC. Founder of Taylor Schaap Design, creator of Dynamic Digital Design, and leader of the Happy Homemaker Design Challenge. Most days you’ll find me working from my sofa with a hazelnut iced coffee in hand, and my beagle pup Lola snuggled up next to me.

After helping over 100 homemakers create a functional family space they LOVE, I’ve found that dynamic families have VERY unique challenges – combining the style, colors, and function that’s comfortable, durable, organized and inviting all at the same time can leave you walking away ready to shut the door…am I right?!

Satisfying everyone’s needs can seem overwhelming and even impossible at times. Your spouse, your kids, your pets, all have needs that often conflict. Oh, and let’s not forget about YOUR needs!!

Then I discovered a little-known process called Dynamic Digital Design that changed everything! It’s an approach to interior design that allows you to quickly and easily create function, tranquility, and community in your home in an affordable way.

Homemakers all over the country are now transforming their homes to create happier and healthier families!