Hi there!!

Welcome to Taylor Schaap Design! The place where my experience in full service design and my expertise in the latest technology come together to create an affordable approach to interior design.

You see, throughout 5 years of working with high end design firms, I noticed a big gap in the industry.  If you wanted help creating a well designed home for you and your family, you either had to hire a full service designer and spend a year’s salary on design fees and furniture, or be stuck with your Ikea furniture until you won the lottery. There was nothing in between. That my friends, is how Taylor Schaap Design began! 

A new kind of design service that would be affordable and still meet functional and style needs for people all over the country. Gone are the days of having to spend thousands of dollars on interior design services, or wasting time scrolling through Pinterest trying to figure out how to create a well designed space for your family.

Whether you are moving into a brand new home, or ready to redesign a room, I’m your girl! Let’s transform those #housegoals into a reality!!

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