Open Concept Home Design

Hi Friends! Today I am really excited to share an open concept home design with you! A few months ago a sweet newlywed couple reached out to me through my Etsy Shop. They had just built a new home and were looking for ideas on how to design their open concept first floor. I quickly found out that they were my ideal client since they are young professionals, were working within a budget, and have a fresh modern style. I was up for the challenge of helping them pull together a finished design for their foyer, family room, dining space, and back entry way. The best part was that I had a completely blank slate since they had just built the home and were starting fresh.

Here’s a look at the inspiration board we started with that’s full of minimalistic style,modern clean lines, gray tones, subtle pops of color, and lots of greenery!

Let’s pretend we’re going on a little tour of the house Fixer Upper style as I show you the before and after fo each space


 Foyer and Family Room [Before]

I started by creating an entry way zone. I placed a console on the left wall by the stairs so that they would have a welcoming space for their guests. I then floated a sofa across from the console to create some space division. (DESIGN TIP! Floating furniture is a great way to split an open space into different sections). This also freed up space for me to add 2 additional chairs by the windows so that the client would have plenty of seating for entertaining friends and family. Then the left wall was used for a media console and TV for plenty of Netflix watching.

Foyer Design

Family Room Design

 Dining Room [Before]

When we started the design phase the client mentioned one element they really wanted in their home was a big map feature wall. Since s their dining room is what you first see when you enter the back of the home I knew this was the ideal spot to make a statement with a map! They already had dining chairs for the space, so I found a new table and accessories to create 2 different looks for them that flowed with the design in the front of the house.

Dining Room Designs

Office [Before]

Off of the kitchen is a small office space. It’s fairly open to the rest of the spaces, so I wanted to keep the design minimal, while still maintaining the functionality of an everyday office space. Statement artwork, a sleek chair, and a few modern accessories was all it took to make this space complete.

Office Design

I had so much fun working with the client on this project and was so happy to be able to play a part in turning their new house into a home! And the best part of all was that the furniture, wall decor, accessories and rugs for ALL 4 SPACES cost the client less than $5,000!!! This project goes to show that you don’t need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to turn your #housegoals into reality!

And here’s what the client had to say about their first virtual design exeperience..

Working with Taylor was excellent! I purchased two room packages and two styling packages plus a custom listing. We are young adults in our mid/late twenties with a new home that we need to furnish. I don’t have an eye for color/design – that is where Taylor fit in perfectly! She helped design a plan for our downstairs that suited all of our needs. The beauty of e-design is the plan! Thanks to Taylor, I now know where to place things and how to style our home. This way, we can plan to buy pieces when our budget allows. She spoke with us several times by phone and email to get a sense of our style and desires for the home. It was easy to send her photos and complete her measurements. She has been very helpful throughout the process with searching for other options if something was out of stock. I highly recommend Taylor!

Ready to get started on your own virtual design project?! Click below to get started!

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IKEA Catalog 2018

The 2017 IKEA Catalog is HERE!! Every year IKEA comes out with their NEW CATALOG full of inspiration for affordable home design, storage, organizing, and all their NEW products. As soon as I ordered my catalog online, I’ve been stalking my mailbox waiting impatiently to flag all my favorites. Here’s a look at my top picks!

Now it’s your turn, what items are your favorite?! Do you have any IKEA projects planned? Comment below and let me know 🙂

Happy IKEA Shopping!

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Budget Friendly Family Room Design

Today I wanted to share a Family Room Design on a Budget. What I love about E-Design is how it makes interior design affordable for EVERYONE! I think it’s easy to scroll through our Instagram and Pinterest feeds looking at pretty rooms all day, only to become overwhelmed with the dollar signs we see. Well I have good news friends! You can easily turn those #housegoals into your reality by combining the right affordable items together. Here’s a look at a living room design ALL for $1,900!!


And the best part of shopping online is you can stay up to date on sales to bring that cost down even more!

Sofa // Chair // Table // Ottoman // Tree // Lamp // Navy Square Pillow // Lines Throw Pillow // Chair Lumbar Pillow // Rug // Artwork // Media Console // Basket // Blanket

*Note that affiliate links are used in this post and Taylor Schaap Design will earn a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase any of these products via this post*




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July Five

Hey Friends! Can you believe it’s August already?! July was such a whirlwind full of traveling to new places, visiting family,  and working on fun design projects. Since I’ve been a little MIA this past month, I thought would be fun to do a little recap of 5 things I’ve been up to!

Celebrated my 26th birthday on July 1st!

   I was fortunate to be able to join my husband on a business trip to NYC. It’s funny how I grew up in Syracuse, NY (only 4 hours north of NYC), and the handful of times I’ve been to the city I still hadn’t had the chance to do all the touristy activities. So while we were there we booked a boat tour along the Hudson River and got a grand tour of the city’s skyline by boat. It was definitely the highlight of our trip!

  I had the privilege of working on some really fun projects! A few weeks ago I had a sweet newlywed couple contact me about helping them design the first floor of their newly built home. It was such a fun project to work on since it was a blank slate and my clients had great style. I loved getting to play a part in turning their new house into a home for them! More details on this project coming soon.

Spent some time visiting with family in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Getting to escape the Charlotte humidity and enjoy cooler summer temps was a dream! Especially since it involved lake views, s’mores, and daily sunsets.

Ate my way through the month with WAY too much ice-cream 🙂 Hands down my favorite after dinner treat!


I’m looking forward to the month ahead full of new design projects, creative collaborations with amazing bloggers, and lots of inspiration for affordable design ideas for your own home! Before you know it, Fall will be in full swing and a New Season = Home Refresh. If you’re looking to update a space in your home on a budget, I’m your girl! And the best news is that you don’t have to be local! We do everything 100% virtually and design for anyone, anywhere. Just head to the contact page to send me a message on your project details and we’ll get started on turning your #housegoals into reality!











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